Welcome to Carl’s Car Wash

Carl's Car Wash from Super Simple TV

Welcome to Carl’s Car Wash, it’s suds-tastic!

Do you have a messy car or truck? Then you need to stop by Carl’s Car Wash. He’ll get you cleaned right up! Tune in to each episode to see what kind of vehicle takes a trip through the car wash! We’re starting off the series with Betty and her tomato truck.

Home Activity
Make your own car wash with a water sensory bin! You’ll need a container to hold the water. You can use the sink, the bathtub, or a plastic bin. Now get some soap to make the bubbles. Dishwashing soap works well. And you need some toy cars (or other toys) to go through your car wash! Now use some cups for pouring water and a sponge for washing. Be sure to figure out what your customer needs by asking questions, just like Carl does in the video!

Thanks for stopping by Carl’s Car Wash! Beep beep.

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