Say Cheese!

Let's Take A Picture!

Say Cheese!

A couple of times a year, most schools have a party or an event. For us, our main events are the Spring Picnic, Halloween Party, and Christmas Party. A key feature of each party is the group picture.

Getting dozens of young children (and their even younger brothers and sisters) together for picture is a little bit like herding cats. It can be challenging. So to help out with that, we made the song Say Cheese (Let’s Take A Picture). Songs are great tools for letting students (especially students with developing language skills) know what they are supposed to do. Verbal instructions can often be hard to follow and easy to tune out. But verbal instructions paired with music immediately catches students’ attention and helps them understand what is going on.

Want to get kids into a circle? Play the Make A Circle song. Want students to get their ABC books? Play the Alphabet Song. Want students to clean up? Play the Clean Up song. And if you want students to pose for a picture, play Say Cheese! (Let’s Take A Picture).

Try introducing the song in class with smaller groups. As you sing each verse, take pictures of the students with your camera phone or a digital camera. After singing the song, show the pictures to the students. They’ll love it! You can follow up by taking more pictures, and letting the students take turns snapping the photos.  Teacher Weena from the Philippines has some nice examples of this. After singing the songs in class a few times, when it comes time for all of the students to gather at a party, they’ll know exactly what to do when they hear the song playing. Just put the song on and watch the students gather to pose.

Say Cheese! ^_^