Month: November 2008

An Easy Christmas Song for Kids

If you enjoyed using Knock Knock Trick or Treat in your classrooms, be sure to try “What Do You Want for Christmas?” from Super Simple Songs One. It’s very similar in that it has some space and music to act out the toy vocabulary–robot, rocket, teddy bear, and train–between verses.  The kids have a blast… Read more » Read more »

And the winners are….

The Children’s Music Web Award Winners for 2008 have been finalized and we’re happy to announce that Super Simple Songs Three has received an award! Here is a quote from the website that sums up we we are so proud of these awards: Our Children’s Music Web Awards are decided in a multi-step judging process. First,… Read more » Read more »

“Uh-Huh” Activity

We’ve been having a lot of fun this week in class with Devon’s warm up activity that uses “Uh-Huh” from Super Simple Songs Two. Place a jump rope or long rope across the center of the room. Place one sign that says “YES” and one sign that says “NO” on opposite sides of the room…. Read more » Read more »