Bumble Nums Halloween Snack Mix

Bumble Nums Trail Mix

This sweet and salty snack inspired by our friends The Bumble Nums, is the perfect treat for Halloween! Here’s what you need: Pretzel sticks Mini marshmallows Chocolate chips Candied hulled pumpkin seeds *Ingredients and direction for candied pumpkin seeds below. Candied Pumpkin Seeds Ingredients: 1 cup hulled pumpkin seeds 1.5 Tbsp butter, melted 1 tsp… Read more » Read more »

Slime and Sensory Play

Milk and juice are liquids: they flow, and they don’t hold their shape. Wood and rocks are solids: they hold their shape, and they don’t flow. But slime is different. When you pour it, it flows like a liquid. But when you squeeze it or slap it, it feels like a solid. All the stuff… Read more » Read more »

Tissue Box Monsters

Tissue Box Monster

Materials tissue box craft paint glue stick marker/pen Things to decorate googly eyes pipe cleaner egg carton or foam balls for eyes buttons stickers fun fur fun foam construction paper feathers Steps Remove inner plastic film from the box.  Prime and paint your box with craft paint or use spray paint for quicker results. Leave to… Read more » Read more »

Apple Tree Stamps

Apple Tree Stamps

Here are different ways to make apple stamps! Stamps are a fun and easy way to make a great craft! Little ones will love dipping the stamps into the paint, and making their mark on the paper. Most stamps are easier to grip and maneuver than paint brushes, so they are perfect for little hands!… Read more » Read more »

Easy Caramel Apple Mascarpone Pinwheels

Caramel Apple Mascarpone Cheese Pinwheels

These are so easy to make and so much fun if you include the kids to help.  Just make sure they don’t eat all the caramel candies! Ingredients: (Yields 16) 1 roll of puff pastry (defrosted according to package instructions) 3 small apples (I prefer using Honey Crisps, but any baking apple will do) 3… Read more » Read more »

Halloween Face Paint – Super Simple Monster

What you’ll need: Blue Face Paint Green Face Paint Yellow Face Paint Black Face Paint White Face Paint Red Face Paint Orange Face Paint Black eyeliner pencil Medium Brush Small Brush Powder Brush Setting Powder STEP ONE Outline your monster’s mouth using the black eyeliner pencil. Create a large half circle over your child’s mouth… Read more » Read more »

Edible Construction Sensory Bin

Construction Themed Sensory Bin

Welcome to the Edible Construction Sensory Bin! Today we will be exploring what construction people do through the medium of sensory play! I am yet to meet a child that does not love a tractor, digger, dump truck, bulldozer, fire engine, police car or garbage truck or really any vehicle that is big and has… Read more » Read more »

Make Your Own Recycled Blocks

Recycled Cardboard Blocks

This project has it all – an engaging activity for little ones, a fun and colorful craft, and it’s mostly made with materials you probably already have in your recycling bin! These blocks are simple to make, and the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination soar as high as the skyscrapers! Materials toilet paper rolls… Read more » Read more »

Halloween Face Paint – Baby Shark

Baby Shark Face Paint

What you’ll need: Blue Face Paint White Face Paint Red Face Paint Black Face Paint Setting Powder Small brush Powder Brush STEP ONE Draw the outline of Baby Shark in blue paint. He can be made with 3 continuous lines. One slightly curved line for the top of his head/body. A second on the bottom… Read more » Read more »

Soap Sculpture Exploration

Babara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) Who? A British Sculptor and leading artist in the international art scene. Her career spanned the course of five decades and she was the first female modernist sculptor. She studied and worked alongside the equally infamous British sculptor, Henry Moore. Both were pioneers of the avant-garde movement and method of ‘Direct Carving’…. Read more » Read more »