DIY Scratch-Off Dinosaurs Skeletons

Dinosaurs used to be living animals, with muscles, organs, scales, and feathers. But nowadays, almost all that’s left of them are the hardest parts of their bodies: their bones. Here’s a fun activity where you can scratch away a dinosaur to reveal the bones underneath. You need: Printouts of these PDF files Scissors Clear packing… Read more » Read more »

Bumble Nums Banana Splits!

Bumble Nums Banana Spilt with a Twist! These popsicles are easy to make and are a brilliant, tasty dairy free alternative. For the topping we used both normal chocolate and a dairy free version, which can satisfy any child, even one with dairy allergies! Having a child with allergies can be difficult when in a… Read more » Read more »

Let’s Decorate: Ice Cream Cones!

Today, Caitie’s Classroom is all about ice cream! To celebrate, we made this paper version of everyone’s favorite cool treat. Show us the ones you make at home using the #CaitiesClassroom hashtag on social media!  Read more »

One Meal for the Whole Family

One meal for the whole family: how to not short-order cook and still be successful In Facebook groups for parents, with clients, and among friends, I hear it all the time: Meal times with kids are stressful. We are faced with not only what to fix day after day, but also the confusion of what… Read more » Read more »

Octopus Pizza

With summer here, we should celebrate all things sun, fun and sea! And what better way to bring the ocean to life than by making these Octopus Pizzas with your kids at home. Not only are they a creative lunch option, but they also come with a lesson. You can talk about the sea: what… Read more » Read more »

Foraging Animals Printable

Spring has arrived and with it, hopefully for most people in the Northern Hemisphere at least, the days are getting longer and the weather more tolerable! We know the temptation of just staying indoors. It’s easier. You don’t have to battle with changing a last minute diaper, battling with boots and waterproof jackets and pants…. Read more » Read more »

Little Robin Red Breast

Let’s celebrate spring with our playful Little Robin Red Breast and make a fun and simple paper cup craft today. We will use paint, yarn and construction paper to turn a plain white paper cup into one of our favorite characters.   Supplies: White paper cup Grey paint Paint brush Red yarn Scissors Tape Googly eyes… Read more » Read more »

Rice Cake Flowers

With the ever-growing popularity of platters these days, here is a fun way to create a spring-themed spread perfect for your kids. All you is need is some rice cakes, your favorite hummus, and tons of fresh, cut up vegetables to assemble the cutest Rice Cake Flower Platter!   You can either throw all of the… Read more » Read more »

On Migration – DIY Compass!

Winter can be a hard time for animals. It’s cold, and it’s hard to find food. Some animals, like bats and bears, solve this problem by sleeping through the winter. Other animals, especially birds, solve the problem by migration – moving to somewhere warm for the winter, then coming back in the spring. If you… Read more » Read more »

Why Speech Language Pathologists Love Super Simple

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) it is my favorite time of year because it gets people talking about speech and language development, spreads awareness of hearing and communication disorders, and helps get children much needed early intervention. Speech therapists work on many different communication skills, one… Read more » Read more »