Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

Each year, we bring out the Christmas boxes from the basement, garage or storage locker. We set up the tree, and unveil our Christmas decorations for another year. As we open the box and see the ornaments year after year, we are reminded that these boxes are filled not only with things but with memories…. Read more » Read more »

Healthy Christmas Treats

healthy christmas treats

Cookies for Santa Clause and carrots for the Reindeer…it’s all about balance! But sometimes, during the holiday season, there can be an imbalance of less nutrient-dense foods and more sugar-packed treats. If you are looking to add a few more healthy snacks to your holiday spread without sacrificing on taste or presentation I’ve got you… Read more » Read more »

5 Ways to Gift Sustainably

Gifting our friends and family during the festive season is a ritual that has nowadays somewhat become associated with pressure, expectation and waste, especially as a parent. It’s time to reclaim gifting as a joy and spread a little environmental and ethical love, and change the way we view gifting when it comes to mindset… Read more » Read more »

Gingerbread People

‘Tis the season of pine trees and twinkly lights and spending Sundays inside baking gingerbread cookies as the snow swirls outside of your window. Baking gingerbread cookies is one of the best parts of the holiday season for so many reasons: it’s a fun way to bring the family together and get creative, and the… Read more » Read more »

Fa la la la Language Activities for Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time for children (and many adults- like me!) and as such it can be so beneficial to use these special moments to help kids learn to talk. As a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), I love using songs to support the language concepts I teach in speech therapy. You can find… Read more » Read more »

DIY Super Simple Match Game

Super Simple Match Game

Are you ready for a festive game the whole family can play? We’ve designed a Christmas Super Simple themed game of Concentration. Gather the family around and take turns flipping over your cards until you a pair. To make it harder, you can play until you have four of a set. If you look carefully,… Read more » Read more »

Tips and Tricks for a Family Photoshoot

Family Photos

Family photo sessions can be a lot of fun but for many they are a stressful event that take a lot of time and effort to plan and execute. Finding the right photographer, location, clothing and keeping everyone happy while trying to stay on budget is a lot to take on and sometimes the end… Read more » Read more »

All About Cows

The domestic cow dates back 10,500 years ago in South-East Turkey. Their ancestors were wild Oxen, otherwise known as Aurochs. There are almost 800 different breeds of cow worldwide. The most well-known ones are the dairy cows that produce milk, as not all cows do. The Holstein cow is known to make the most milk… Read more » Read more »

DIY Peekaboo Cat Christmas Puppet

DIY Christmas Peekaboo Cat Puppet

Ready to make a puppet of the Peekaboo Cat that can really play peekaboo? Here’s another version of the Peekaboo Cat puppet – all dressed up for Christmas! You need: This template White Bristol board Four skinny popsicle sticks Scissors craft knife Glue stick Glue gun Steps 1. Print out the template.  With a glue stick glue the… Read more » Read more »