Harvey’s Hot Dogs – Two Ways!

Summer is always the season for easy, hassle-free foods – and hot dogs are a staple in most houses. There are a million ways to dress them up or down, but they always taste just a delish. Sometimes you need to switch things up, and create a fun treat with an old classic – in… Read more » Read more »

DIY Cardboard Car

It is Summertime! The kids are off on holiday, playgroups have died down for the break and your children have itchy feet. Stressful right? Well, we are here to help! Here is an easy distraction for them – Carl’s Carwash Cardboard Car! If you, the adult are willing to put in a little bit of… Read more » Read more »

Let’s Go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt

When you go to take a photo of your kid are they the one who always yells “Let me do it!” and grabs your phone away? You may have a budding photographer on your hands. So what do you do to help nurture this creative side of them? A camera seems like a big and… Read more » Read more »

Have a Great Weekend!

 Hooray! It’s the weekend! This week was The Bumble Nums debut in their first Super Simple Song: Red Yellow Green Blue! Have you checked it out yet? If you have some stir-crazy little ones to keep entertained, we’ve also got lots of fun activities up on the blog, and 100s of free resources available on this website…. Read more » Read more »

DIY Superhero Party!

Birthday parties. Let’s be honest, they can be a source of a lot of stress for parents. Not enough ideas, too many ideas, weather is too cold or too hot, have it at home or out. If you are reading this, you already know the drill. If you ask me, starting with a theme for… Read more » Read more »

Make Your Own Finley!

Recycling isn’t only good for our planet but it also leads to a great resource of craft materials. Take paper rolls, for instance. With a little imagination, they can be turned into anything, from binoculars and animals to cars and trains. Today we’re using one to create our friend Finley. Supplies: paper roll ivory paint… Read more » Read more »

Make Your Own Pet Rock

Are you ready to make your own Super Simple Monsters? What you’ll need smooth round rocks multi-colored craft paint googley eyes glue stick pom poms permanent black marker paint brush cotton swabs fun fur Steps Prime rocks with white craft paint. Paint the base color. Add details. Teeth are made by dipping the end of… Read more » Read more »

Have a Great Weekend!

 Hooray! It’s the weekend! How’s your summer going? It’s in full swing at Super Simple! We’ve created lots of fun things to do with your friends and family to help while away the long, hot summer days. Tuesday was the last episode of Caitie’s Classroom for this year. Catch up on all the past episodes, plus… Read more » Read more »

Bumble Nums Inspired Popsicles

With summer in full swing, what better way to cool down and get refreshed than with some super simple popsicles!  These popsicles come together in no time at all, with only a few ingredients. They’re super fun to make and easy for little hands to help out with. Having two versions is super simple since… Read more » Read more »

Tips for Travelling with Kids!

Travelling with children can be a large undertaking. Here are a few tips that I have found useful over the past 6 years of holidays with little ones. Packing Checklist Routine: Children like routine. As much as travel can be exciting, it can also be difficult for some. If your children are old enough, talk… Read more » Read more »