What’s Happening in Finley’s Factory?

Finley's Factory from Super Simple TV

Finley has the most fantastic factory! It’s filled with robots, lots of different parts, and tons of creative ideas. All of those pieces come together to make one amazing vehicle. Join us to find out what’s being built today!

Kids who love things that go vroom will enjoy watching as a different vehicle is assembled in each episode. Is it a car? Maybe it’s a plane. Or perhaps it’s a truck. As the robot arms put together the parts, see if you can guess what they are making. After watching, encourage your aspiring builder to get out some blocks, construction bricks, or drawing paper and use their imagination! Put together the different parts to make a super cool vehicle, just like Finley.

Do you have an idea for what Finley should build next? Share it in the comments section on the YouTube video. Maybe we’ll use it in an upcoming episode. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Super Simple TV channel! You’ll be the first to hear when Finley is back in the factory, and about all of the other new shows we have coming soon.

See you next time.