Underwater Week Wrap Up


We hope you had a great time celebrating Underwater Week with us!

There was A LOT of fun stuff that happened, so in case you missed any of it, here’s a recap of all the new songs, resources, and Live Sing-Alongs.

On Monday, we had a Live Sing-Along on YouTube featuring everyone’s favorite underwater friend, Baby Shark! We shared downloadable Baby Shark resources, including two sets of flashcards, worksheets, coloring pages, a play set, and a Baby Shark headband. Plus, you can now sing Baby Shark in Spanish and Japanese! 🎶 Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. 🎶

Next, we had a Live Sing-Along of two underwater songs, Down In The Deep Blue Sea and A Hole At The Bottom Of The Sea. They are both a little tricky, try reading along with the lyrics to help you keep up.

What’s the biggest animal on land or sea? A whale! Learn how to draw a whale on this episode of Super Simple Draw. Download this worksheet to help you get started, or try it on your own.


The Bumble Nums needed some special underwater equipment to get the secret ingredient for their amazing Underwater Watermelon Salad. Download these worksheets from our Resource Center to help them find the biggest one.

On Thursday, we had the world premier of a brand new song, A Sailor Went to Sea! Go on an aquatic adventure to see see see what creatures you can spot in the sea sea sea. Watch for a special guest appearance from a friend! You’ll find downloadable flashcards, worksheets, and coloring pages to go with the new song in our Resource Center.


Captain Mary spends most of her time underwater in her submarine. But after she got into a mucky mess, she made a special on land trip to visit Carl’s Car Wash.


Marinera Que Fue Al Mar and すいへいさんのうた are the Spanish and Japanese versions of A Sailor Went To Sea. What a great way to learn the names of sea animals in another language!

Did you know that an octopus can change colors? And they have eight legs that are called tentacles. Learn how to draw an octopus on this episode of Super Simple Draw. Download this worksheet to help you get started.

new-video-super-simple-draw-ep-19 (1)

You can have underwater fun in your own home with The Bath Song! This song is great for learning parts of the body vocabulary, too. It’s now available in Spanish and Japanese.

Finally, we’re wrapping up Underwater Week with a Live Sing-Along with Caitie! It’s a special edition of A Sailor Went To Sea.

Thanks for joining us for lots of fun, adventures, and learning about some of the amazing things that happen under water!