Super Simple Songs DVD

The first DVD from Super Simple Learning!

It’s finally here…our first Super Simple Songs DVD!

Seven years ago, we started making simple videos to go along with the songs on our Super Simple Songs CDs. We got a great response when we started sharing them online, so we kept making them ^_^.

The videos on this, our first DVD, tell the story of our journey, from our early videos like The Alphabet Song and Uh-huh, to more recent hits like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and BINGO. We hope you enjoy singing and dancing along with these songs as much as we enjoyed making them.

Super Simple Songs – Video Collection – Vol. 1 is a collection of 15 of our most popular videos. It  features songs from our first 3 CDs plus Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row Your Boat.

Here’s what’s on the DVD, along with a little bit of the story behind each video.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from Super Simple Learning
We produced Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to celebrate reaching 100 million views on YouTube, and it quickly became a favorite, currently ranking in the top 50 most-viewed YouTube videos of all-time. When creating the music, we didn’t want to adapt any of the lyrics of this classic (as we sometimes do), so we simply slowed it down to a pace that suits very young learners. We also wanted to tell a reassuring story that would let young children know that there is always someone there looking over them.

This high quality version of the classic video has a few special touches. Look for the stars in the owl’s eyes and clearer resolution.

BINGO from Super Simple Learning

When making this super simple version of BINGO, wewanted to both simplify and expand upon the classic song. The music is appropriately paced and we’ve added some simple and fun actions (pat your legs, pat your head, pat your tummy, and jump) to make the song even more interactive and to introduce parts of the body.

We encourage you to get up and move with this song!

3. Row Row Row Your Boat
Row Row Row Your Boat from Super Simple Learning

Row Row Row Your Boat was the second classic nursery rhyme that we recorded specifically for a video. As with all of our songs, we wanted to create an easy-to-understand rendition appropriately paced for young learners, and then add a little something extra. In this video, we introduce seasons, the stages of life, and singing-in-the-round.

4. Rain Rain Go Away
Rain Rain Go Away From Super Simple Learning

Rain Rain Go Away was one of our first DIY animations. We originally created the video just for YouTube. In those early days of YouTube the file sizes were limited (as was our knowledge of file sizes), so the video we created was low resolution. For the DVD, we went back and updated the video, increasing the resolution and adding a new, brighter ending.

The Super Simple version of the classic kids’ rhyme is great for introducing members of the family (Daddy, Mommy, brother, sister, and baby).

5. Skidamarink
Skidamarink from Super Simple Learning

“Skidamarink a dinka dink. Skidamarink a doo. I love you.” Skidamarink introduces morning, afternoon, evening, and the always useful phrase, “I love you.” For the DVD, we remastered the original version to get brighter/clearer images. Use puppets to sing along with this one!

6. Ten In The Bed
Ten In The Bed from Super Simple Learning

Practice counting down from ten and using the phrase “Roll over!” (great for singing to babies learning to turn over ^_^). Since this song has such consistent repetition, we wanted to add something extra to talk about in the video. Look for the animals in the window! Can you name all of them? After you’ve watched the video a few times, see if your children can guess which animal is coming up next in the window.

7. The Eensey Weensey Spider
Eensey Weensey Spider from Super Simple Learning

The Eensey Weensey Spider is one of the most popular children’s songs, and a great fingerplay activity for developing dexterity. In our version, we speak the first verse slowly and clearly so young children can understand each word and learn the fingerplay. Next, we sing the song at a comfortable pace. Then we sing a little faster. We end with a slow verse singing about a BIG BIG spider. It’s a lot of fun and super easy to sing along with.

8. Open Shut Them
Open Shut Them from Super Simple Learning

This rendition of Open Shut Them is great for learning opposites (open/shut, big/small, fast/slow, loud/quiet) and useful expressions (Please./No, thank you.) The animation is bright, fun, and gives easy-to-understand examples of the vocabulary being introduced.

9. Seven Steps
Seven Steps from Super Simple Learning

Seven Steps is an old preschool/kindergarten favorite and a lot of fun to move around with. For the DVD, we’ve remastered the original video to make the images crisper and cleaner, and we added a new, easier-on-the-eyes background. Great for practicing how to count up to, and down from, seven.

10. The Alphabet Song
The Alphabet Song from Super Simple Learning
New extended version! The original video was shot one day using the camera on a laptop computer and some magnetic letters on a classroom whiteboard. It went on to be viewed over 100 million times on YouTube, and to be displayed in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany.

For the DVD, we wanted to re-shoot the video in higher resolution, but after we’d completed the re-shoot, we felt we’d lost a lot of the magic and personality that made the video special in the first place. So, we cleaned up the original file as best we could, and added an extra verse of magical moving magnetic letters.

The first verse of the song is spoken slowly and clearly so young learners can catch and understand each letter. The second verse is sung at the same gentle pace, allowing even very young children to try singing along.

11. The Alphabet Chant
Alphabet Chant from Super Simple Learning

The Alphabet Chant allows children to learn and review the alphabet, while also learning how to sign the alphabet in American Sign Language (ASL). Depending on a child’s proficiency, he/she can focus on the letters, on the mouth position when saying the letters, on the signs, or on all of it!

12. Days Of The Week
Days Of The Week from Super Simple Learning

“Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.” Simple, right? Grab some puppets and sing along! We’ve remastered and edited the original video to brighten it up and improve the resolution.

13. The Months Chant
The Months Chant from Super Simple Learning

This is a simple, fun chant for learning and remembering the months. The images for each of the months in this video are associations common for someone living in North America. For those not living in North America, it’s a nice chance to learn about other parts of the world and that seasons and celebrations are different in different places.

Uh-huh from Super Simple Learning

Uh-huh was one of our first YouTube videos to make a big splash. It’s just Jeremy-sensei and some puppets, but it’s a ton of fun. For the DVD, we filmed a fun, new, high resolution update. The song is great for learning “yes” and “no.” For children for whom English is not their first language, it’s a lot of fun to learn the casual expressions “Uh-huh” and “Unh-unh.” This is another great video to bring out your puppets for ^_^.

15. Five Little Monkeys
Five Little Monkeys from Super Simple Learning

This is one of our most popular songs and videos. These monkeys never stop! Use this video to practice counting down from five. It’s also a good opportunity to discuss safety and consequences.


We’ve received a number of questions about the DVD. Here are some of the most common ones:

Where can I buy the DVD?
The DVD is available in the Super Simple Learning Store.

Do you ship to my city?
We can ship anywhere ^_^.  Or, you can select the download option.

Can I play the DVD (or downloads) in my country?
The videos are NTSC standard. The two most commons video standards are NTSC and PAL. NTSC is used in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), much of South America, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. If you are in any of these areas, you are fine.

If you live in a country that uses the PAL standard, you may experience some issues playing the videos with older DVD players or older TV sets. Newer PAL DVD players and TV sets usually play NTSC videos just fine. If you are not sure if your TV or DVD player can play an NTSC video, we recommend doing some research first.

Regardless of your country, you should be able to play the DVD (or downloads) on your computer just fine. Computers can read and display both PAL and NTSC standard videos.

The DVD is region-free.

Why isn’t [another video] on this DVD?
Some of the videos we created for YouTube don’t fit well with the songs included on this DVD, or will be a part of future DVDs. For example, Go Away! is a favorite of a lot of viewers, but because it’s a wee bit scary for some young children, we didn’t want it to be in the mix with the other songs on this DVD. Little Snowflake will be on a future holiday songs DVD and Hickory Dickory Dock will be on an Animals DVD. Some of our newer videos will make appearances on other upcoming DVDs. This DVD features only songs off of our first three CDs (plus Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row Your Boat) that are appropriate for all ages.

Thank you for all your support. We hope you love the DVD. Have any questions? Leave them hear in the comments so we can share the answer with everyone. Thanks!