Super Simple Songs 2nd Edition CDs

Over the past year, we’ve been making updates to the Super Simple Songs 1, 2, and 3 CDs. We’re really excited to share the 2nd edition of these CDs with you! We’ve also made some changes to the Super Simple Songs – Animals, Super Simple Songs – Halloween, and Super Simple Songs – Christmas CDs. We think you’ll love the updates, and we know you’ll love the new lower prices! Now available on iTunes and Amazon!


What’s new with the 2nd Edition the Super Simple Songs 1, 2, and 3 CDs?

  • Each CD has been professionally mastered for better, more consistent sound quality.
  • Each CD has new and improved vocals.
  • Each CD comes with an EXTRA CD with sing-along instrumental versions of all the songs.
  • Each CD has a new bonus track!
  • Each CD has a new and improved “Lullaby Medley.”
  • All of the CDs have new, lower prices!

In addition, we’ve made small changes to some of the arrangements to make them more fun and easier to sing with young learners at home or in the classroom.

Here are the changes on each CD:

Original Series CDs

Super Simple Songs One

  • “Go Away!”: In the original version of “Go Away!” the lyrics were “Go away big green monster/scary witch/black cat/white ghost.” Now it says, “Go away scary monster/spooky vampire/scary witch/spooky ghost.”  The song has always been one of our most popular, but we were a little uncomfortable that it was placing negative connotations on colors as adjectives or that we were reinforcing negative stereotypes about black cats.  So, we made some changes that keep all of the fun energy in the song with the focus on telling those scary and spooky halloween characters to “Go away!”
  • “Put On Your Shoes”: The original version says, “Put on your shoes/pants/jacket/hat,” but many people have asked us why we put on our shoes before we put on our pants? Great question! When we wrote the song, we wanted to practice different types of clothing, and we didn’t intend for it to be linear. Because of the great feedback we received, we updated the lyrics to say, “Put on your shoes/jacket/scarf/hat.” This order is a little more natural, and the actions for scarf are fun, making this a great winter-time song.
  • We changed the track order a little to make it easier for teachers to use the CD in class. “I See Something Blue” and “I See Something Pink” are now right next to each other (tracks 13 and 14) so you can sing them back-to-back and practice all eight colors.
  • Bonus Track – “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Speeding Up)”: This is a super fun version of the classic song and something that many people have asked us for. Kids will love this one!

Super Simple Songs Two

  • “Eeney Meeney Miney Moe”: In the original version of this song, the “sing” and “chant” verses are slightly different. In the “sing” verse, we sang the last line of the verse twice, but in the “chant” verse, we chanted the last line of the verse only once. This could sometimes be a little confusing for teachers using the song in class. We changed it so that both the “sing” verse and the “chant” verse are the same. Now, we only say the last line (“Eeney meeney miney moe“) once, and we say it in the same rhythm. We’ve also added two more vocal verses (replacing two instrumental verses), since there is now an instrumental version on the Extra CD.
  • “Who Took The Cookie?”: In the original version, we used our names in the lyrics. However, many of the teachers, parents, and kids who listen to the song don’t know us, so it can be confusing for kids (Who’s Devon?). We wanted to make the song easier and more fun to use in class and at home, so we replaced Tanja, Troy, Knocky, and Devon, with animal names: Panda, Rabbit, Bear, Penguin, and Kangaroo. And, you can use the instrumental sing-along version on the Extra CD to add other animal names, names of professions (“the doctor/baker/teacher/etc. took the cookie from the cookie jar”), or students’ names.
  • “Mystery Box”: The original version of this song has three verses (singing verse – instrumental verse – singing verse). We added a 4th verse (singing verse – instrumental verse – singing verse – instrumental verse) to give the song more balance and to allow more time to use the song in class.
  • “Hide And Seek”: We added a little musical prompt after “Ready or not, here I come!” to give everyone a better idea of when to start singing again.
  • We changed the track order of some songs to make the CD easier to use in a classroom. “Rock Scissors Paper” #1 and #2 are now right next to each other on the CD, as are “The Shape Song” #1 and #2.
  • Bonus Track – “Count Down And Move”: We added the bonus track “Count Down And Move” to serve as a bookend on the CD. “Count And Move” (a marching song that counts up to 20) is the second track on the CD, and now “Count Down And Move” (a march with a samba feel that counts down from 20 to 1) is the second to last song on the CD. This song is a great way to finish classes and to celebrate New Years Eve!

Super Simple Songs Three

  • “Intro” and “Outro”: We removed the Intro and Outro instrumental tracks. Instead, there is an instrumental version of every track on the Extra CD.
  • Bonus Track – “Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt?”: “Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?” is one of our most popular songs. Kids have always loved making up more silly food combinations, so we decided to make a sequel! This one is super fun to sing and introduces the foods spaghetti yogurt, cookie salad, tomato pancakes, and carrot cereal.

Themes CDs

The biggest change on the three Themes Series CDs (Super Simple Songs – Animals, Super Simple Songs – Halloween, and Super Simple Songs – Christmas), is that they are no longer enhanced CDs. These days, fewer and fewer people have CD drives on their computer, and an increasing percentage of CD drives have difficulty reading an enhanced CD. To make sure everyone can access the printable resources for these CDs, we are in the process of moving all of the printable resources onto our website where they will be easily downloadable (to computer, tablet, or phone) in the near future.

We’ve also lowered the prices of the Theme CDs significantly!

The CDs have all of the same songs, and an instrumental version of each track, but there are a couple of changes.

Super Simple Songs – Halloween: We’ve changed “Go Away, Ghoulie Goblin” to “Go Away, Spooky Goblin,” and made small adjustments to the lyrics.  In the original version, we sang “Go away, black bat.” Our intention was simply to introduce descriptive vocabulary, but we grew concerned that, within the context of this song, it sounded like the word “black” had a negative connotation. So when we had this chance to update the CDs, we made sure to make a change to the lyrics to the song. The lyrics in the new version of the song are, “Go away, spooky goblin/scary spider/spooky skeleton/scary bat.”

Super Simple Songs – Christmas: We’ve changed the melody to “I’m A Little Snowman.” The original melody sounded a lot like another classic song, and we really wanted to make sure this song had an original melody that stands out on it’s own. The new melody is simple and fun and we think you’ll love it.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions over the years. We hope that you’ll enjoy the second editions of the CDs. Let us know what you think!