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What happened to Super Simple Phonics?

If you are familiar with our materials, and you have visited our shop recently, you may have noticed that Super Simple Phonics is not there!  Where’d it go?

We’re excited to announce we’re releasing a new and improved version called Super Simple ABCs. If you’ve been using Super Simple Phonics, let me explain some of the key differences.

In 2008, we released Super Simple Phonics, an upper case ABC practice book and audio CD.  Super Simple Phonics was based on lessons and materials we had created for and used successfully with our young students.  We were very happy to get a great response from teachers all over. We wanted to make it even better though, and to make some adjustments in response to some of the feedback we received.

So here are the exciting new developments you’ll find in Super Simple ABCs:

Upper and Lower Case books

While Super Simple Phonics focused only on capital letters, Super Simple ABCs has an upper case book and a lower case book (with a Starter level on the way soon).  We recommend the upper case book for students from 3-5, and the lower case book for students for 4-7. But most importantly, we wanted to give teachers the choice about whether to start with upper or lower case letters.

Super Simple ABCS Upper Case has the same structure and vocabulary as the original Super Simple Phonics, but now features beautiful colors, stickers, and new images.

Super Simple ABCS Lower Case
is a brand new book which follows a similar super simple structure, but is designed for a slightly higher level with more writing practice and more vocabulary (2 review items from the Upper Case book plus 2 new items).

Updated Colorful Design
The Super Simple ABCs books are full of bright beautiful color, while still leaving plenty of opportunities for students to draw, trace, and color black-and-white images and letters.

Fun Illustrations

We wanted to keep the simplicity of the images in Super Simple Phonics while adding a little more warmth and liveliness (as well as color!)  We’re really excited about how our students have responded to the bright new images in Super Simple ABCs and think you’ll really love them.


In Super Simple Phonics, there was a space to place a sticker or stamp upon completing each page.  Our students LOVE getting that sign of completion.  So for Super Simple ABCs, we decided to take it a step further and put two spaces for stickers, and include 52 full color stickers (2 for each letter) right in the back of the book.  The students eyes light up when they see the stickers and it adds an extra bit of vocabulary reinforcement.

Separate CD

With Super Simple Phonics, the book and the CD came together.  However, many teachers and parents wanted to buy the CD, but not the book (because they already had an ABC book).  Others wanted to buy the books for their students, but didn’t need a CD for each student.  Again, we realized we needed to give teachers more choice.  Now the CD and books are packaged separately, allowing you to buy one or the other, or both!  This leads to…

Lower price!
Even though we’ve upgraded the books making them full-color and adding stickers, offering the CD separately allows us to drop the price of the books by 25%, making it more affordable for classrooms.  And for those who only need the CD, it’s now cheaper as well!

More Songs
We received a lot of feedback from teachers who loved the songs on the Super Simple Phonics CD, but didn’t need the spoken mini-lessons that were included.  We listened, and thought about our own classes, and came to the realization that the CD would be even more useful if we focused on the songs. So, we’ve kept the songs from Super Simple Phonics, moved the songs from the Phonics Support Pack to the audio CD, and added several new songs.  The Super Simple ABCs – Phonics Fun CD can be used to support both Super Simple Songs ABCs Upper Case and Super Simple Songs ABCs Lower Case, or any ABC/phonics program you are using.  It’s full of what we do best…super simple songs.


When learning your ABCs, it definitely helps to encounter the letters as much as possible.  We wanted to make it easier to do so while giving teachers another tool to introduce and review vocabulary.  There are two big, bright posters available for each book (two upper case posters and two lower case posters).

Super Simple ABCs Support Pack CD-ROM

The main update with the support pack is MORE.  More flashcards, more worksheets, more games, more, more, more.  The new Support Pack is designed to support both the upper and lower case Super Simple ABC books.  It’s the same price as before with double the materials and brand new images and worksheets.  The songs that were previously on the Support Pack CD-Rom have been moved to the Super Simple ABCs – Phonics Fun CD so that all of the songs would be in one easy-to-access place.

We’ve spent the last year testing out the updates with our students and making small tweaks and adjustments to get everything just right.  We’re really excited about Super Simple ABCs, and hope you are too!

More details are coming soon on our website.  Please check back for more details.

Keep It Super Simple!