How To Make “A Sailor Went To Sea” Newspaper Hat

How To Make Newspaper Sailor Hat

Ahoy, mateys! Grab a sheet of newspaper, and make your own sailor hat with these easy step-by-step directions. This is a super quick and easy craft that even young learners can make. The hats are perfect for pretend play, or as part of a costume for parent performances.
Get ready for adventure on the high seas with this fun project!

How to make a newspaper hat

Step 1 – Start with a large sheet of newspaper.

Fold newspaper in half.

Step 2 – Fold the newspaper in half.

Step 3 - Newspaper Hat

Step 3 – Fold down the top corner to the center.

Step 4 - Newspaper Hat

Step 4 – Fold the other corner down to the center line.

Step 5 - Newspaper Hat

Step 5 – Fold up the bottom part of the paper.

Step 6 - Newspaper Hat

Step 6 – Turn the hat over.

Step 7 - Newspaper Hat

Step 7 – Fold over the sides of the paper about 1 inch (3 cm). To make the hat smaller, fold over multiple times.

Step 8 - Newspaper Hat

Step 8 – Fold up the bottom flap of paper.

Step 9 - Newspaper Hat

Step 9 – Put on your new hat and sing!

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