Just For Fun – Shaving Foam Santa

Make a shaving foam Santa

Make a shaving foam Santa

Do you need a fun activity this holiday season that the kids are sure to love? Make shaving foam Santas!

All you need are some cans of shaving foam, red food coloring and tables to work on.
Prepare the area by covering the tables in plastic covering (garbage sacks work well) or use place mats.

Be sure to go over some basic rules with the children before you start. Hands to yourself and don’t rub your eyes! After everyone agrees, you’ll be all ready to start the activity.

First, spray some shaving foam on the mat and make a big fluffy beard. Then, make the outline of his face and add some hair. You can use buttons to make his eyes, nose, and mouth, or just use shaving foam. Last, make his hat and put a fluffy white ball on top. Mix in one or two drops of red food coloring to make the hat red. It’s Santa!

After finishing, you can smooth out all of the shaving foam and practice writing letters. Show the students the S picture card, name the card, and then show them how to write the letter in the shaving cream with your finger. Let the students try. Continue with the rest of the letters from SANTA. After you have gone though all of the letters, try again…this time without showing the picture cards.

You can practice other letters of the alphabet, shapes or different holiday vocabulary like snowmen, stars, and Christmas trees.

When you are finished, get ready for clean up. Have some towels ready or get lined up to go to the sink. Shaving cream cleans up very easily, but be sure everyone washes their hands when the activity is finished.

Don’t forget to take pictures! Kids will love seeing their shaving foam Santa after he is all cleaned up.

Finish the lesson by singing “S-A-N-T-A” from Super Simple Songs – Christmas.