How Many Fingers Are On Your Hand?

How Many Fingers? by Super Simple Songs

Are you looking for a fun new song this Halloween season? Try “How Many Fingers?” Follow along with this group of friendly monsters as they count their fingers and toes! Take off your shoes and socks and join in!

In addition to counting, this song practices following directions, plurals (hand vs. hands, foot vs. feet) and the action verbs clapping and stomping. Listen closely to see if you can repeat the rhythm as you clap and stomp along.

It’s also a great chance to work on some fine motor coordination by lifting one finger at a time, just like the monsters do. This can be challenging for kids, but encourage them to keep practicing. Or sing with your infant or toddler and gently squeeze each finger and toe as you count them.

You can follow up the video viewing with a Make Your Own Monster craft, like this one from the blog Cutting Tiny Bites. Let your creativity loose by assembling funny monsters from the various parts. It’s the perfect activity for Halloween, or any time of year!

Thanks for singing and counting with us!