Month: May 2018

On Migration – DIY Compass!

Winter can be a hard time for animals. It’s cold, and it’s hard to find food. Some animals, like bats and bears, solve this problem by sleeping through the winter. Other animals, especially birds, solve the problem by migration – moving to somewhere warm for the winter, then coming back in the spring. If you… Read more »

Why Speech Language Pathologists Love Super Simple

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) it is my favorite time of year because it gets people talking about speech and language development, spreads awareness of hearing and communication disorders, and helps get children much needed early intervention.  

Bug Hotel

A home for bugs and creepy crawlies. Whether you like them or hate them, they are part of our world and play an important part in our ecosystem. Like any creature living on our planet, whether that is a human or a bug, we all need somewhere to call home. Creating somewhere for these critters… Read more »

Learning the Value of Money with Milo!

“Children as young as three to five years of age are developing the basic skills and attitudes that lay the foundation for later financial well-being.” – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Resources for Parents and Caregivers These skills are known as “executive function” and they lay the groundwork for future decision-making by building our capacity to… Read more »

Tips & Tricks for Photographing Children

Landscapes, fashion, animals, there are many challenges in photography but the most challenging subjects to work with are children. Whether it’s a child who won’t sit still or one who’d rather be the photographer than the subject you have to think pretty creatively to get the shot you’re hoping for. Today we’ll look at three… Read more »