Month: September 2008


This week in class we’ve been playing with the letter L.  What words start with L you ask?  Lions and lemons of course! As teachers, one of the problems we’ve had with phonics programs that are not designed specifically for children learning English as a foreign language, is that sometimes the associated vocabulary is beyond… Read more » Read more »

Simple Songs for Elementary School Too!

Recently a teacher on our Facebook page commented on how she thinks Super Simple Songs would be good for her 8 year olds, and did we think that would be okay?  OF COURSE!! We use all kinds of songs with our kids up until that age–and even older. Keep in mind, if you’ve never used… Read more » Read more »


Super Simple Songs Three has been chosen as a finalist in the Children’s Music Web Awards! SSS 2 received the award two years ago and now our fingers are crossed for Super Simple Songs Three. The Children’s Music Web Award is our favorite music resource because it’s the only one that gives awards based on… Read more » Read more »


Halloween is almost here.  We’ve put all of our Halloween materials together in one place for easy access and downloading.  Check our new Halloween page for a free song download, free Halloween flash cards, worksheets, lesson plans, games and party ideas! (update:  The Halloween page is gone for this year.  Please check back again next… Read more » Read more »

Who Took the Cookie Game cards!

These cards allow you to play “Who Took the Cookie?” with as few as two people or as many as you have in your class. Also, when you play with these cards, nobody knows who has the cookie…even the student who has it! (When you play the regular version of “Who Took the Cookie?” younger… Read more » Read more »